AMST 29901. THE NERONIAN AGE What makes an age? A zeitgeist? A moment in time? Is history a continuum or are there pivotal moments, figures, etc. that break one epoch from another? We will investigate these questions with reference to one of Romes most notorious figures: Emperor Nero. The name summons to mind notions of theatricality, incest, and insanity as well as images of Rome burning and Christians hanging on crosses. Few figures from history capture the decadence, amorality, and extravagance that we associate with the Roman Empire as well as Nero. To what degree did a single individual, Nero, define his age? In what ways is he responsible for defining the epoch in which he lived? To what degree does the creation of the Neronian Age depend upon subsequent readers, scholars, and historians? And was he really such a bad guy? This course provides a 360-degree approach to the Neronian Age in order to assess whether a definite age emerges out of the cultural productions and events of Neros rule. After a whi