COMM 20009. Media and Digital Literacy Media literacy is essential, as it allows individuals to deconstruct messages in order to gain control over them. In an age where claims of "fake news" are prevalent, it is increasingly important that audiences understand the messages being presented. In this course, students will engage with a variety of media - photographs, news articles, advertisements, websites, movies, tv shows - and develop an understanding of how this content can influence audiences. We will draw on persuasion and media theories, in order to evaluate the messages being presented in society. This writing intensive course places equal emphasis on the foundation of solid scholarly writing and the pervasiveness of media messages. As such, we will draw on readings such as W. James Potters introduction to Media Literacy and various news and academic articles focusing on the importance of media literacy, as well as instructional touchstones of good composition by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White. The